About MCLC

Footwear for the sole.
MCLC makes footwear for the “sole” through thoughtful and unique footwear designs. Each style elevates the shoe to a unique message created to make you feel an emotion every time you slip them on or see them on a fellow human. Because there is magic afoot.

Mission Statement
MCLC's mission is to make meaningful inclusive footwear and help others in the process. We are committed to giving a portion of all sales to non-profit organizations to help better our future and the future of our kids. We are also committed to helping our environment. We work closely with our suppliers to make small batches and reduce fabric and material waste. 
CEO/Founder/Designer Jacqueline Velasquez is a Guatemalan Latina, born and raised in Los Angeles. She graduated and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design and become a footwear designer. Being in the industry for 10+ years, she saw the need for something unique and special. After having her second child, she decided to become a stay-at-home-mom. Feeling empowered as a woman and mother, she decided to launch her own brand. In 2018, she launched MCLC. She wanted to create a brand that would be meaningful and give back to our communities in the process. MCLC started as an apparel company and soon became a unisex footwear brand in the midst of the pandemic in 2020. Jacqueline noticed the need for footwear with meaningful designs. She knew that her creative passion for footwear needed to be seen to create positivity, happiness, and connection amongst the pandemic. MCLC became a staple of thoughtfully designed unisex footwear for the "sole".
MCLC is proud to be one of the very few Woman owned and Latina owned footwear brands.